Shower Curtain Rod


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  • Spring Tension Rod
  • Adjustable to fit most shower stall sizes
  • Quick, easy installation; Simply extend and twist
  • No tools, No drilling, No damage
  • Powder-coated aluminium
  • Corrosion and rust-proof for life
  • Soft plastic tips will not mark or damage mounting surface

Looking for a great way to divide a room, hang curtains, organize closet space, or hide clutter? Freelance heavy duty tension rods present a creative and sturdy way to take your interior space to the next level. Our tension rods also provide the simplest way to divide and conquer a room. Whether you live in a shared bedroom, studio, dorm, or apartment, our top quality tension rods can be combined with a room divider to separate and compliment your space with ease. Attractive, inexpensive, and easily installed, our tension rods can be the perfect answer to your space or storage needs.