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  Product Features

  • Elegant dinnerware made using 24K Gold on highly translucent, pure white porcelain
  • High glazing quality ensures lifelong shine, smoothness and resistance to cutlery marks
  • High quality materials: Lead-free, cadmium-free, food-grade, with superior chip-resistance and breakage-resistance
  • Dishwasher-safe, fridge-safe, freezer-safe, and oven-safe. Avoid severe & sudden temperature changes
  • World-famous design and quality of Noritake, Japan, is ideal for entertaining guests, or gifting on occasions such as weddings, or to pass down the generation as an heirloom
37-piece dinnerware set contents;   
    Dinner plates - 8  N  (26.8 cm)
    Half plates - 8  N  (21 cm)
    Katoris  - 8  N  (10.7 cm – 220 ml)
    Soup bowls -  8  N  (12.2 cm – 320 ml)
    Serving bowls - 2  N  (22.2 cm – 1600 ml),
    Small serving bowls -  2  N  (17.5 cm – 600 ml)
    Oval platter -  1  N  (35 cm)


     21-piece dinnerware set contents;  

    Dinner plates - 6  N  (26.8 cm)
    Half plates - 6  N  (21 cm)
    Katoris  - 6  N  (10.7 cm – 220 ml)
    Serving bowls - 2  N  (22.2 cm – 1600 ml),
    Oval platter -  1  N  (35 cm)


     18-piece dinnerware set contents; 

    Dinner plates - 6  N  (26.8 cm)

    Half plates - 6  N  (21 cm)

    Katoris  - 6  N  (10.7 cm – 220 ml)

    12-piece tea set contents;

    Cups -  6  N   (215 ml) 
    Saucers  -  6  N  (15.6 cm)


    6-piece coffee set contents;

    Coffee mugs  - 6   N  (295 ml)


    5-piece place setting contents

    Dinner plates - 6  N  (26.8 cm)
    Half plates - 6  N  (21 cm)
    Katoris  - 6  N  (10.7 cm – 220 ml)
    Tea cup - 1  N  (215 ml)
    Tea saucer -  1  N  (15.6 cm)


    2-piece milk mug set contents;

    Milk mugs -  2  N  (370 ml)

      Since 1904, Noritake has been bringing beauty and quality to dining tables around the world. Superior artistry and craftsmanship, attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality have made Noritake an international trademark during this past century.

      The Noritake of today grew out of a trading company that was originally established by the Morimura Brothers in New York in 1876. This trading company imported chinaware, curios, paper lanterns and other gift items. In 1904, the forerunner of the Noritake Company was established in the village of Noritake, a small suburb near Nagoya, Japan. The goal of this first factory was to create western style dinnerware for export. It took until 1914, however, to create the first porcelain dinnerware plate that was suitable for export.

      The earliest dinnerware plates were mostly hand-painted, often with liberal applications of gold. By the early 1920's, Noritake introduced assembly line techniques which allowed for mass production of high quality, yet affordable dinnerware. In the ensuing decades, Noritake continued to perfect its production capabilities and expand to markets world-wide.

      Today, Noritake is an acknowledged leader in tableware manufacturing and marketing with subsidiaries, factories and affiliates around the world. Our products are sold to customers in over 100 countries and are used in hotels, restaurants and airlines throughout the world. Join us in continuing the Noritake tradition...distinctive designs, innovative technology and superior product quality.